Fahad G Attar

Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Surgeon

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Fahad G Attar

Helping patients with osteoarthritis and sports injuries find long-term non-surgical pain relief

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Meet Mr Fahad Attar

Fahad G. Attar is a consultant in Trauma & Orthopaedics, specialising in lower limb arthroplasty, knee reconstruction surgery, and sports medicine.

An expert in managing anterior knee pain and patella instability, cartilage injuries, and treating young patients with arthritis. 

He uses innovative evidence-based procedures to treat his patients, as well as a number of cutting edge regenerative therapies to treat sports injuries.


Dr Attar made my time in theatre comfortable and relaxed, truly putting me at ease before my op. He did a brilliant job and I found him and his whole team so lovely and caring.


A first class, attentive, caring, professional, and friendly experience, top class aftercare would fully recommend Mr Attar to any patient be it NHS or private, a most charming and skillful consultant.


The treatment I have received from Mr Attar is first-class and highly recommended. I’m now 12 months post-op and am feeling great, I can snowboard again pain-free and knee stability has improved.